Long-term conditions

About 15 million people in England have a long-term condition. Long-term conditions or chronic diseases are conditions for which there is currently no cure, and which are managed with drugs and other treatments, for example: diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal disease.

King’s Fund cites that long-term conditions are more prevalent in older people (58% of people over 60 compared to 14% under 40) and in more deprived groups (people in the poorest social class have a 60% higher prevalence than those in the richest social class with 30% more severe disease). Existing evidence also suggests that the number of people with at least one long-term condition as well as those with multiple long-term conditions is increasing nationally. This might further increase pressures on the health and care sector, as treatment and care for people with long-term conditions is already estimated to take up around £7 in every £10 of total health and social care expenditure.

This section gives an overview of long-term conditions in Hackney and the City of London.

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