This section covers the health and wellbeing needs of informal carers in Hackney and the City. An informal carer includes any person – such as family member, friend or neighbour – who is giving regular, ongoing assistance to another person without payment for the care given.

Informal carers make a significant contribution to supporting the health of vulnerable people, as well as contributions to the wider economy. However, evidence suggests carers themselves are at risk of poor physical, mental and financial health outcomes.

The health and wellbeing of carers is an important area of social policy as it directly affects the supply of care required from statutory services, as well having the potential to have an impact on the quality of life and employment opportunities for those providing care.

Below you can find a number of documents identifying the health and wellbeing needs of carers. Please note that this list will be updated when new information becomes available.

Hackney and the City of London reports

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