Improving Outcomes for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

How do we improve fairness in heart health outcomes for Black populations in City and Hackney?

The MATCH CVD programme area has brought key stakeholders together from the voluntary sector, NHS, public health and resident communities since May 2023 to identify, prioritise and implement change ideas to improve heart outcomes for populations of African and Caribbean heritage. Over 50 people have come along to a variety of events and workshops aimed at understanding the key issues affecting heart health in City and Hackney and develop the following priority areas for change:

  • Projects which support an asset-based community development approach and fund existing community organisations to improve heart health
  • Translated information, including key health messages and local services
  • Tailored events, information and training for people on lower incomes at workplaces
  • Community-based information sessions

Making change

We expect to launch a MATCH Fund CVD scheme in August 2024 once partners have had their say on what funding objectives and outcomes in this area should look like. Check back here for more information.

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