Supporting people in food poverty

How can we support people to get out of food poverty while also supporting their health and wellbeing needs?

The MATCH Food Poverty programme area brought together voluntary sector partners working to support Hackney’s most vulnerable residents experiencing food crisis and food poverty. Since June 2023 the programme has facilitated partners to come together and explore how to tackle this challenge together by sharing data and insight, exploring what is currently working well and not so well in the area, and identifying ideas and areas for change. 4 key areas for change project areas were chosen by partners:

  • Projects that link residents and community food providers with guidance, training and support on nutrition, health and wellbeing
  • Projects delivering cooking classes to youth clubs
  • Projects that gather evidence and research that supports increased insight into food poverty and/or food pantry models
  • Projects that build business models for sustainable food distribution

Making change

The final MATCH Food Poverty workshop partners we asked to help shape the MATCH Fund Food Poverty scheme. As a consequence, partners participating within the programme were invited to apply to the fund to deliver projects in the 4 key change areas above up to £25,000 that aligned with our MATCH impact areas and funding objectives.

3 projects were funded and will be delivered over 2024 and 2024:

Skills for Life: Cooking club for young people and their families

Young people and their families are invited to join the Chatsworth Youth Clubs Cooking Classes every Wednesday until June 2025 to learn how to shop for, budget and cook nutritious meals together with peers and family. Once a month classes are led by a visiting nutritionist who can give advice and support on how to get the best nutrition to suit your budget, goals and lifestyle. 

To learn more or get involved sign up on eventbrite or email Joycelyn at

Bloom: Community Vegbox Scheme

Bloom is a first of its kind in Hackney vegetable box subscription scheme that offers a tiered pricing system, so that those who are more economically comfortable pay a little more so that those who normally wouldn’t be able to join a veg box scheme, can. By sourcing directly from produce wholesalers and working with community organisations and volunteers for pick up, the scheme puts the community at the heart of increasing access to affordable food. 

The scheme will launch in September 2024, more details to come.

Food pantry at H.O.P.E

H.O.P.E runs a youth club and regular foodbank at the heart of the Morningside and Gascoyne Estate in Hackney Central. From September 2024 they will open and trial a new Food Pantry at the centre, supporting those on the estate and in the surrounding areas to gain better access to affordable food and essentials. 

To learn more about the project or get involved, contact Nicolette at

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