In Hackney, 0.4% of the resident population (just over 1,000 people) die each year; in the City of London, about 0.5% of the resident population die each year (around 30 people).

In Hackney, life expectancy in males is 78.7, and in females it is 82.8; in the City, it is 86.1 in males and 89.0 in females (based on 2010-14 data). This compares to 80.2 in males and 84.1 in females nationally.

Life expectancy is considered to be a key indicator of health in a population. It is affected by many factors, including social determinants (such as poverty and poor housing), lifestyle risk factors (including smoking, diet, and physical activity), and genetic predisposition to disability and disease, as well as access to good quality health and social care.

Below you can find a number of documents identifying the local population needs. Please note that this list will be updated as and when the new information becomes available

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