Census 2021 Resources

The 2021 census was run on 21 March 2021 and marked the 23rd official census of the United Kingdom. Censuses are run to gather population-related data. This is then used to develop policies, plan and run public services, and allocate funding. For England and Wales, censuses are run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Interactive Ethnicity Profiles

Hackney and the City of London reports

  • Hackney ward profiles – Census 2021 and Census 2011 Ward Profiles. Presenting the demographic, social and economic characteristics of the local population of each of Hackney’s wards.

External resources

  • Explore local indicators, trends and get data specific to the City of London and Hackney using the ONS’ Local Indicators Tool.
  • The interactive dashboard that used to be shown on this website page have been removed. This is because more up to date data has been published by the ONS on their ‘Create a custom dataset’ page. This page allows you to make your own population datasets by selecting different combinations of census variables.
  • Build a custom area profile – create your own profile for local areas in England and Wales using Census 2021 data.
  • ONS Interactive Map – interactive map tool that visualises Census 2021 data on different topics down to a local authority area and neighbourhood level.
  • Census 2021 topic summaries – topic summaries and facts and figures about local areas.
  • ONS Release Schedule