Public Health Intelligence Team (PHIT)

Who we are

The City and Hackney Public Health Intelligence Team (or PHIT) is a team dedicated to providing robust insight and evidence to support policy and commissioning decisions. Our team’s vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of City and Hackney residents while reducing health inequalities through the effective use of data, knowledge, and insights.

What we do

Our work is informed by the five-year strategic plan with our day-to-day tasks broadly including:

  1. Data collection and analysis: We gather and analyse a wide range of data on health and wellbeing, including demographic information, disease prevalence, environmental factors, and social determinants of health. We then use statistical methods, data science, and visualisation techniques to create a ‘story’ with the data. 
  2. Producing actionable insights: We identify gaps in service provision and examine the causes affecting the health and wellbeing of our residents and communities by conducting comprehensive health needs assessments, publishing topical reports, creating interactive dashboards and visualisations as well as by getting involved in research projects and collaborations. 
  3. Collaboration and partnerships: We collaborate with local authorities, healthcare providers, community organisations, and academic institutions to strengthen the evidence base for public health interventions. We seek to be effective and efficient in our aim to improve health outcomes in the community by leveraging collective expertise and resources.

Find out more and get in touch

For any questions or to learn more about our work, please contact PHIT at

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